Ok, so I’ve decided to start a bucket list.  I’m still a little young to be kicking the bucket, but you never know do you?  I try to live my life without regrets and part of that is getting out there and doing the things I want to do.  I don’t want to regret a missed opportunity.  I want to live this life to the fullest!  OneRepublic has a great song called I Lived.  The chorus says…

Hope when that moment comes you’ll say
I, I did it all
I, I did it all
I owned every second
that this world could give
I saw so many places
The things that I did
Yeah, with every broken bone I swear I lived

With that being said, there are things that I can’t quite get out there and do when I want to do them so I’m starting a list.  I’m actually going to post-date my list.  I’ve put a lot of things on here that I’ve already done just to prove I do get out there and do stuff.  🙂


Go to college

Get my passport

Study abroadStudied in England for 3 1/2 months

Go to England
 -Eat & drink in a pub
 -See Westminster Abby
 -See St. Paul’s Cathedral and climb to the top of the dome
 -See Shakespeare performed in Stratford Upon Avon
 -See Trafalgar Square and feed the pigeons
-Visit 221-B Baker Street and see the Sherlock Holmes Museum

 -Visit the British Museum and see everything I possibly can
 -Walk through Covent Garden
 -Visit the Tower of London and see the Crown Jewels
 -Visit Clapham Common where my last name originated
 -See the white cliffs of Dover
 -Visit Nottingham and see Sherwood Forest
-Visit Canterbury and see the cathedral

Go to Scotland
 -Visit the highlands
 -See Loch Ness
 -Try haggis
 -Walk the royal mile in Edinburgh and see the castle
 -Find out what they wear under their kilts – I’ll let you guess how I found out  🙂

Go to Paris
 -See the Mona Lisa
 -See the Eiffel Tower and go to the top
 -See Monet’s original waterlily paintings
 -See Sacre Coeur
 -Visit Notre Dame and see the rose window
-Eat escargo in Paris
-See the Arc De Triomphe
-Walk the Champs Elysees
 -Go below Paris to the catacombs
 -Have two guys fight over meThis was not intended but was a secret fantasy all the same

Ride a train through the Channel Tunnel aka “Chunnel”

Go to Amsterdam
 -Visit the Van Gogh museum
 -Visit the Anne Frank museum
 -Take a boat ride through the canals
 -Visit the red-light district
 -Visit one of their many sex museumsOh my eyes!!!
-See the tulip fields
-Visit a working windmill

Go to Germany
 -Try sauerkraut and wienerschnitzelTasted nothing like I expected.
 -Buy a German beer stein
-See the black forest
-Visit some of their castles

Make it back to England one day

Graduate college with a decent GPA

Find a job that I likeTravel Agent which was great while it lasted

Go on a cruiseI’ve actually been on 2

Go to Mexico
 -Visit Chichen Itza and climb the pyramid
 -Snorkle in the Caribbean Sea
Get kissed by a Latino
Again, I’ll leave you guessing

Find a man who loves me, accepts my quirkiness and intellect and loves to travel

Marry said man

Have awesome Christmas themed wedding surrounded by family and friends

Take a honeymoon somewhere no one else I know has beenWent to the British Virgin Islands
 -Stay in a small island resort that is only accessible by boat
 -Lie on a private beach under a thatched hut

Go to Puerto Rico
 -Walk through Old San Juan

Own our own home

Get a tattoo

Have a kidTried this one.  It didn’t take.

Learn how to scrapbook

Go to Jamaica
 -Climb Dunns River Falls
 -Go rafting down the Martha Brae River
 -See a steel drum perform
 -Bike through the Blue Mountains
 -See a coffee plantation in the Blue Mountains

Go white water rafting

Do to Disney World

Swim with and feed sting raysDid this one in Grand Cayman

Go to Rome
 -See St. Peters Basilica
 -Visit the Vatican
 -See the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
 -See the Trevi Fountain
 -Visit one of the original Christian catacombs
 -Try pasta & pizza in Italy
 -See the Spanish Steps
 -Visit The ColiseumI saw the outside, but didn’t make it inside
 -See the bocca della veritaI didn’t get to stick my hand in his mouth, but I saw it.

Go to Venice
 -Visit Piazza San Marco
 -See St. Mark’s Basilica
 -Go to the top of the Campanile
 -Get lost in the back alleys of Venice
-Take a gondola ride – Didn’t get to do this one.  Oh well, I guess I’ll have to go back.
 -Kiss the man I love in the middle of Venice
 -Take a ride down the Grand Canal
 -Visit a glass blower and buy some Venetian glass

Take my husband to England and show him a few of my favorite things + see a few new things
 -Visit Stonehenge
 -Visit Bath and see the Roman baths
 -Visit the reproduction of the Globe Theater
 -Ride The Eye

Learn to make jewelry – I haven’t mastered this, but I have the basics down.

Start a blog

Take a pottery lesson

Go skydiving

Take a photography class

Take a painting class

Write a book

Learn to scuba dive

Go to Ireland
-Visit Dublin
-Kiss the Blarney Stone
-See the Cliffs of Moher
-Spend the night in a castle
-See The Giants Causeway

Return to Scotland

Return to Italy
-Visit Florence
-Take a cooking class
-See the leaning Tower of Pisa
-See the inside of The Coliseum
-See the Pantheon
-Take a gondola ride in Venice

Return to Paris
-Kiss my husband at the center of Paris

See Hadrian’s Wall in England

See the pyramids in Egypt

Visit the Taj Mahal

Go on an African Safari

Walk on the Great Wall of China

Visit Petra

Swim with dolphins

Ride an elephant

Visit Australia
-Snorkle or dive the Great Barrier Reef
-See Ayers Rock

Visit Machu Pichu in Peru

Take a European River Cruise

See the Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, Russia

Go to Athens, Greece
-See the Parthenon

Go to California with my mom and dad
-Drive from San Francisco to Northern California to see where my dad was stationed in the Air Force
-See the redwoods
-See the Golden Gate Bridge

See the Grand Canyon

Visit Yellowstone National Park

See Mount Rushmore

Go on an Alaskan Cruise

Get my nose pierced

Go to Comic-Con in San Diego at least once

Learn to shoot a gun

Live happily ever after – I’ve been happily married to my husband for almost 14 years, I have wonderful friends and a fabulous family so “Happily Ever After” seems doable.  I’ll let you know how that works out.

Ok, well that’s about all I can think of for now.  I’m sure there is a lot more that I can’t think of at the moment.  I’ll keep you updated on all of my adventures and mark things off as I get them done.


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  1. If you need some company for a few of those – painting class, trip to Egypt or African safari, give me a call – I’ve always wanted to do those. Don’t even tell me when you are going skydiving, that’s my worst nightmare! I think my knees are a little weak now just thinking about it . . . Lol

  2. Now that is an awesome bucket list…makes me re-think mine all together! Funny thing…skydiving is on mine too & Is one of the only ones I’ve managed to check off! Now, getting your nose pierced…was that one a typo?

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