Is Geek Chic? Is Nerdy Nouveau?


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A funny story about Fantasy…
A couple of years ago I had a conversation with a woman I worked with.  We discovered we were both avid readers and started comparing notes like all readers do.  We talked for about 20 or 30 minutes about books we loved, but I could tell we were both holding something back.  I finally asked if she read Fantasy.  She responded with a resounding, YES!  She was more into Historical Fantasy, while I was more into High and Urban Fantasy.  We laughed about how neither of us wanted to admit we loved Fantasy.

The books that originally drew me into reading had been Horror/Paranormal.  Then as I got older I abandoned this genre and moved on to something more respectable.  During college, as an English major, all I had time to read were the selected reading lists for my classes.  After college I stopped reading all together due to…

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