Sherlock Season 3 Villain Revealed


A little more info from a fellow Sherlockian.

Of Writing, Reading, and Nerdy Things

I am super excited about this one.

Many fans have picked up on the idea that he must be playing some version of Sir Charles Augustus Milverton, blackmailer extraordinaire. It makes sense–Moriarty was such a fantastic villain, we need someone who could match him. Challenge accepted. Milverton is certainly a plausible choice. ACD’s Holmes hated his guts and considered him the lowest lifeform on the planet. The original story itself is amazing: Holmes chats up a girl while in disguise (which has to be hysterical), and then later he and Watson plan a little bit of B&E, witness Milverton’s murder, run like hell from the cops and nearly get caught. I can only imagine how fantastic all of this is going to play out with Moffat and Gatiss at the helm.

Also, according to BuzzFeed, Benedict Cumberbatch is being pretty vocal about airing the show at the same time on both sides of the…

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