Rotting Trees & People


IMG_1422Early last week we had a huge oak tree fall on our garage.  (The picture shows the resulting damage.)  I assumed the almost 3 solid months of rain had ravaged the mighty oak.  We had a tree service come out to look into getting the tree off our garage so we could quickly move on from this aggravating experience.  The gentleman walked around the garage, looked at it from every angle and then decided to look at the bottom of the tree.  I had been so busy looking at my mangled garage, I failed to even look at the tree.  Taking a closer look at the tree, however, provided some very interesting information.

The tree doctor pointed out that the entire center of the oak was rotten.  He said most people worry about pine trees coming down, but oaks are the real ones you need to worry about.  He said the entire center and major roots of an oak can rot while the tree looks perfectly healthy from the outside.  The small shallow roots suck up enough water to keep the leaves lush and green…the perfect facade.

The more I thought about this, the more I began to realize there are a lot of people like this as well.  A person can walk around with a beautiful facade, perfectly formed, everything in place.  At the same time they can be festering and rotting on the inside.  Their shallow acquaintances keeping up appearances with no one the wiser to their internal decay.  It is sad to think so many people’s roots have rotted.  They have nothing that runs deep, nothing to keep them grounded and healthy.  They have been bullied or beaten down to the point they have nothing but outward appearances.  The problem is that the truth will eventually come to light just like with my oak tree.  Some people crumble from the top down in the form of depression, anxiety and suicide.  Some people snap in the form of rage, assault and murderous rampages.

The scariest part of this is we have no way of knowing when a person in rotting inside.  They look perfectly normal.  So how do we fix the problem?  I don’t know, but I do know how we can help the situation.  We can do the following…

  • Stop being so self-absorbed
  • Stop being so judgemental
  • Stop bullying
  • Stop condemning
  • Start putting others first
  • Start thinking about the consequences of your words and actions
  • Start being more accepting of our differences
  • If you been blessed, bless others
  • Don’t be so afraid of getting hurt that you won’t show love to others

If we all tried this, it might make a difference.  A little forethought, patience and care can help restore people…and trees.

Have any of you ever felt rotten on the inside?  Did someone’s kindness help turn it around?  I’d love some testimonials to prove my point.  Please leave a comment.


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