Poe: Revelation


Photo: via Book Riot: Edgar Allan Pooh.

I have long been a fan of Edgar Allan Poe.  My infatuation with his writing started at an
early age.  Poe was the ultimate bad boy and drew me like a moth to flame.  For a 13 year
old girl who always seemed to be on the outskirts of popularity, his words embodied the
darkness and angst I felt so palpably.

25 years of life have dissipated the darkness and angst.  Ok, maybe not all the darkness,
but definitely the angst.  I have essentially grown up and for years forgot my dear Poe.
But recently I began to re-read some my old favorites.  I still love his macabre collection,
but the deep connection I once felt with his words is no longer there.  Looking back I
realize I was probably on the verge of going full-on goth, but thanks to a great family and
some really good friends, I never threw myself on those dark and twisted rocks.

My recent reconnection with Poe revealed one thing to me.  We search for likeness.
The old saying “misery loves company” is so true.  Instead of searching for that which
will lift us up, we tend to seek those who will wallow in our misery with us.  Maturity has
shown me that who and what I surround myself with has great bearing on my attitude.
I strive to be positive and encouraging to others partly because I remember my 13 year old
self.  There were definite people who chose to be lights in my darkness at that age.  For that
reason, I would rather be the person who pulls someone back from the cliff rather than the
one who pushes them over it.  I encourage all of you to be deliberate with your words and
actions because you never know how it will help or hurt those around you.

Ok, that got really serious.  I was just going to write a quick post about how much I loved Poe!  🙂


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